Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the luxury and modernism of a huge contemporary house located in a mountain decor where beauty can be found at every pace? The most amazing architectural projects ever built right in the center of a mountain landscape is called S residence. This amazing house is located in Bariloche, Argentina and it was designed to overlook above a river valley.
In the exotic scenery of Singapore, Guz Architects have designed a modern home that accentuates the beauty of the tropical surroundings in almost every detail of its aesthetics. Named Cluny House, this spectacular contemporary home revolves around a natural pool that features trees, water plants, ferns and moss that grow right out of the watery surfaces.
These days, Koh Samui is one of the most chic and spectacular beach getaways in the world. This idyllic Thai island attracts tourists from all parts of the planet and enchants them with breath taking views, pristine white sand beaches, emerald waters, fascinating tourist attractions and luxurious accommodation units. After spending a holiday here, you simply refuse to accept the idea that you must return to the grays of the city. In fact, many travelers who have visited Koh Samui were so impressed with this unique way of living that they’ve decided to move on this vibrant Thai island. Tourism and the continuously growing number of foreigners who want to live here are the main reasons why Koh Samui real estate is blooming at a very rapid pace.
Studio MK27 has designed a futuristic house that has impressed the entire architectural world. It is called the V4 House and it has been nominated for an award at the 2012 World Architecture Festival. Its biggest achievement is the fact that it has sliding glass walls that offer an extraordinary view of the greenery around it.
The Meera Sky Garden House is one of the most interesting and modern architectural projects signed by Guz Architects. The building is located in Singapore, on the island of Sentosa and it fascinates with its contemporary design. This looks rather like a green oasis than like a house due to its completely grass covered roof and terraces. Besides this spectacular detail, the house features also an amazing staircase, a view of the water and a gorgeous swimming pool separated by glass.
We have seen many fascinating, innovating and surprisingly complicated houses until now, but the Crooked House located in Sopot, Poland is something totally different. This building seems completely unreal, like an image from a children’s book. Tourists from Poland and abroad come here daily to take their photograph next to this architectural wonder. But not only tourists are intrigued by this peculiar construction, but experts as well.
The Swedish company pS Arkitektur has created one of the most beautiful contemporary houses that were ever built in the heart of the forest. This home is located in Nacka, right outside Stockholm and it is the perfect example of timeless architecture.