Contemporary House with Sliding Glass Walls


The problem with houses is that they usually represent a barrier between us and the outside world. The walls are restricting our senses from enjoying the beautiful landscapes that surround us. So why not break these walls? Why not remove all the barriers and create an open space between the inside of our home and the wonderful natural beauties that are found at the outside? Studio MK27 has designed a futuristic house that has impressed the entire architectural world. It is called the V4 House and it has been nominated for an award at the 2012 World Architecture Festival. Its biggest achievement is the fact that it has sliding glass walls that offer an extraordinary view of the greenery around it.


This wonderful architectural project is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil among a very green and picturesque landscape. Here, in the heart of nature, this amazing house with a futuristic design uses its sliding glass walls as an easy way of accessing the private front garden and rear patio.  Everything was carefully planned as to enhance the idyllic vibe of the house. It is a place that offers tranquility, transparence and a closer connection with the beautiful greenery.


The architects that designed the V4 House wanted to construct a unique opened building that has the priceless ability of merging its hospitable and sophisticated inside with the natural décor, thus creating a symbiotic dependence between the actual house and the garden. Relaxation was the main focus of this project and to explore its full potential, there is a floating staircase at the outside that leads up to the rooftop terrace. Here there is a chic relaxation area that offers beautiful views.


The V4 house has a slightly retro design with pronounced futuristic details and glam accents. To create the appropriated background for this style, Studio MK27 chose timber for the walls and concrete for the ceiling. The interior design and the furniture have been carefully chosen as to create a minimalistic interior that has a modern and luxurious touch, but is very comfortable and intimate. Most of the walls, floor, carpets and furniture are beige, brown or gray, but in key areas of the house we notice a few vibrant color accents, such as green avant-garde chairs in the living room, orange lounges on the back terrace and purple sitting places on the rooftop. The intention here was to balance chic-neutrals with modern-chromatics.


The part of the house that fascinates the most is the side that includes the living room, kitchen and dining area as these have an open space ensured by the sliding glass walls, which overlook the beautiful green garden. The architects have designed even the bathroom with large glass windows so it can offer a beautiful view of the garden and the open sky. The V4 House is the ideal balance between sophisticated comfort and idyllic natural surroundings.

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