Contemporary Tree House

Once in a while, everyone dreams of relaxing right in heart of nature and forget about the concrete jungle that surrounds us in our everyday life. The problem is that we lack the opportunity of actually savoring such peaceful and idyllic moments. So what would you say if I told you that architects have invented a very modern and comfortable Tree House that allows you to chill out in the most serene and untouched places on earth?


Blue Forest has designed one of the most functional and attractive tree houses there are out there. This architectural wonder can accommodate up to 4 persons without difficulties and you can install it anywhere in just 5 days. So if you are still convinced that you want to pursuit your dream of living in a wild landscape then you can start rounding up the places where you would like to locate your new tree home.

Blue Forest is a UK based company and it is one of the most important and influential tree house specialists. And it isn’t called a Tree House for nothing. The house can be installed even in a tree and if this is requested then there is a special staircase available.


As you can see from the photos, the Tree house is made completely out of wood. It has an oval shape with rounded outside walls. The front side is very simple and has a very rustic design. There is a double door and two windows. Regarding the roof, this is actually a continuous surface that surrounds the sides of the house and looks like it is also goes below it.


At the inside, the Tree house is quite spacious and comfortable. It has two bedrooms, an open kitchen and living room, an eating area and one bathroom with shower. Even though this is a very practical solution for getaways in the heart of nature when all you want to do is enjoy relaxation and a slower pace of living, it is not the kind of house someone would permanently live in. Sure, it offers considerable comfort and space, but it is still very similar to the concept of a luxury RV. The company who designed it deserves all the credit for such a bold and futuristic concept, but we have to acknowledge it for what it is- just a holiday solution.


The Tree House comes fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary appliances. It is a blend between a holiday house and a luxury RV. The distinct thing about it is that it has a very modern and attractive design that contributes to its robustness and functionality.

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