Fallingwater House

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most important American architects who ever lived and one of his greatest works is the Fallingwater House. This spectacular architectural masterpiece located in Western Pennsylvania was inspired by Laurel Highlands’ magnificent natural landscape. The building is so famous that in January 1938 it was featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

Fallingwater is opened to the public since 1964 and over the years, more than 4 million people have visited it. The house is the only one of Wright’s best projects that preserves its initial furnishings, setting and artwork. Believe it or not, the architect has even suggested coating the surface of the building with gold leaf. And finally, the costs of constructing it were $155,000, including the $8,000 architect’s fee and $4,500 for installing the walnut furnishings.



The story begins in 1935 when Edgar Kaufmann asked Frank Lloyd Wright to design a summer home for him. The owner wanted an airy, rustic and unique house next to a spectacular waterfall where Kaufmann’s family used to swim during summer. Fallingwater was completed in 1937 and it represents a 20th Century architectural milestone. The Journal of the American Institute of Architects has even named it “Best American Building of the Last 125 Years”.

The building is an expression of a concept that Wright has invented and promoted intensively- “organic architecture”. The key of this unique style is to create houses that look as they grew naturally out of water, trees and rocks. To make this ambitious project possible, Frank Lloyd Wright has based the structure on three steel-reinforced pads and so the house was cantilevered over the waterfall. Fallingwater doesn’t have any support pillars and still it manages to stand suspended above the amazing cascade with a majestic, simple and dramatic design that seems somehow integrated into the natural landscape.

At the inside, Fallingwater respects the Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique vision by featuring earth-toned built-in sofas, cantilevered desks, polished stone floors, and large casement windows that unveil the picturesque surroundings.

The living room is at the first floor which is the largest room in the house. Here you can enjoy splendid views through the ample windows. From the living room you can access the Music Corner or the Stairway of Water that is basically a small platform with stairs that lead to the water. Next to the living room there is the dining room where there is a fireplace made out of natural rocks. Also, on both sides of the dining room there are doors that lead to a terrace. Also, here at the first floor there are the kitchen and a small bedroom. On the second floor of the Fallingwater there are two bedrooms, an office, two bathrooms and three terraces.

Fallingwater is an amazing architectural masterpiece that shows how nature and architecture can coexist in the most delightful harmony. It is a unique concept that has been perfectly applied by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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