Modern House surrounded by a spectacular forest

The Swedish company pS Arkitektur has created one of the most beautiful contemporary houses that were ever built in the heart of the forest. This home is located in Nacka, right outside Stockholm and it is the perfect example of timeless architecture.


The house really does not have that many innovations or eye catching design accents. The basis of this project was simplicity. At the outside, our eyes are mesmerized by the beautiful unity of the black facades that make a nice contrast with the green surroundings. The actual challenge of this home was to keep a minimalistic approach. The architects were asked to create a building that had all the rooms on the same level even though the terrain was uneven. To make this possible, the master minds behind this project came up with the idea of basing the most distant part of the house on piles while the rest of the house was placed on a durable and resistant concrete block foundation.


Also as a result of the need to keep all the rooms on the same level, the architects decided to arrage all the interior space in a line. This is why the house has a lengthened shape and the rooms form a long chain. Frankly, this is a very rational layout that has the intention of using efficiently most of the leveled terrain available at the site.

As mentioned above, the black facades are covered with roofing felt. Also, the house has a beautiful wooden terrace at the southern façade of the building. The color combination between the black of the façade, the light brown of the terrace and the vivid green of the forest is simply beautiful.


At the interior, the house is all white. The walls are white, the floor is light brown and the windows are very large and simple. The intention is to create a bright, transparent and clean space that opens up to the spectacular surroundings. The furniture is mostly white and simple. The basic style is minimalistic, but with a youthful approach represented by bold color accents, such as red, yellow and blue. A red chair, a pink couch, a yellow pillow and blue bed cover are just a few of the details that make this home more inviting and fresh.

This modern house in Sweden surrounded by the spectacular forest is a wonderful architectural project that shows us how easy it is to create a perfect transition between the modernity of man-made constructions and the ingenuity of the natural landscape. It impresses with a powerful contrast, simplistic innovations and bold lines.



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