Modern Mountain House in Argentina

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the luxury and modernism of a huge contemporary house located in a mountain decor where beauty can be found at every pace? The most amazing architectural projects ever built right in the center of a mountain landscape is called S residence. This amazing house is located in Bariloche, Argentina and it was designed to overlook above a river valley.

This modern mountain house was created by the company Alric Galindez Architects and their objective was to build a stunning, but comfortable and functional home as an integrant part of these amazing surroundings. The exterior of the house is the clear proof that the project was inspired by nature. The main decoration materials used for the building’s façade are a local gray stone and beautiful dark brown wood.

Alric Galindez Architects 2

The S residence has a very peculiar shape, slightly asymmetrical with rustic chromatics and materials, but very modern shapes and geometrics. The reason why the architects designed it this way is because it was intended as a very large house with isolated areas that can be inhabited individually. Every single one of these areas offers everything you could possibly need for spending a pleasant stay in the heart of the spectacular Argentinian mountains. This adaptable and functional house is designed to be used as a cluster of smaller homes. It can accommodate larger groups of visitors and offer them the intimacy and comfort of their very own isolated area or it can welcome a small group that by using just the resources of a single area will save on energy and heat consumption.

Alric Galindez Architects 3

At the inside, there is a mix of styles that gives a rich personality to the S residence allowing it to evolve and advance as a unique architectural design. Basically, each area has its own distinct style and offers an enchanting and original accommodation experience to its guests. Still, there are parts of the house that were meant for permanent dwelling, for essential necessities and these are decorated in a more contemporary and luxurious style. Most of the walls are white and the exterior walls consist of very large glass panels that create a fascinating window through space and time to surprise visitors with perennial landscapes that evoke all the beautiful little things that make life matter.

Alric Galindez Architects 4

The S residence designed by Alric Galindez Architects is not only a very stunning contemporary house built in a picturesque mountain area in Argentina. It is an architectural project that creates a strong connection between the modernity of our lives and the serenity of a spectacular natural décor. It is the perfect vacation house and, why not, a home where you would feel blessed to live in.



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