Sant Francesc Convent Church

Sant Francesc Convent Church is a 18th century building located in the small town of Santpedor, Spain that has been recently redesigned  by David Closes Architects to serve as a multi-functional cultural facility. The project was supposed to consolidate the church without changing any of the effects that the deterioration and collapse processes have had on the building. The result is spectacular. It is a surprising blend between old and new, between tradition and technology.

Sant Francesc Convent Church 1

The Sant Francesc Convent Church is an ambitious project that impresses with geometrical details, modern elements and a nice mix between new materials and old ones. David Closes has preserved the historical beauty of the Convent and it has enriched it by bringing new design dimensions with the purpose of highlighting the contrast between contemporary and ancient values.

The perfect example that ideally balanced contrasts can give shape to extremely beautiful ideas and objects, Sant Francesc Convent Church preserves at the interior the same dimensions, spaces and rooms, plus the unique and intriguing holes that are the result of the partial roof collapses and that now serve as very modern and amazing windows. This architectural project wasn’t supposed to reconstruct the church, but rather to consolidate the already existing part of the building and to add new elements for improving its functionality and durability.

Sant Francesc Convent Church  2

David Closes Architects have artfully carried out a project that was meant to maintain the historical importance of the Convent and offer to the building new and modern spatial and architectural values without compromising the integrity of this very important cultural sanctuary.

Now, there are jagged glazed stairwells that climb the ancient stone wall. This modern external staircase rises from the entrance along the walls of the Sant Francesc Convent. Furthermore, in the wings of the church there are two mezzanine floors that are supposed to be historical archives.

Sant Francesc Convent Church 3

The reconversion of Sant Francesc Convent is a proof that spectacular architectural works do not mean just new projects, but also historical buildings that were damaged by the passing of centuries and that were subject to well-planned reconversion. From mere ruins, these can reborn as amazing contemporary masterpieces with a bold and unconventional design.


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