The Cluny House

In the exotic scenery of Singapore, Guz Architects have designed a modern home that accentuates the beauty of the tropical surroundings in almost every detail of its aesthetics. Named Cluny House, this spectacular contemporary home revolves around a natural pool that features trees, water plants, ferns and moss that grow right out of the watery surfaces. This amazing architectural project proves that when technology meets nature, a creative design can generate a luxurious, comfortable, functional and sustainable modern home.

Cluny House 2

On a modest sized area, Guz Architects have designed an exotic house that revolutionizes the concept of city house. This project comprises two pavilions on an L-shaped plan and a beautiful water garden which includes a fishpond that seems to blend with a pool that is encased in a sheer glass rim. The intention of the architect was to make this tropical home come alive by using large water decors as the focal point of a central garden. The size of the building is relatively small if we compare it with most city houses, but the reflection of the sky in the pool, the transparency of the landscape and the greenery of the trees contribute to the sensation of infinite beauty.

Cluny House 3

The Cluny House was built on two levels and at the request of the client; the main staircase was integrated at the inside of the home preventing the building from having that two-level promenade look. The architect has used this small detail to his advantage and he decided to cantilever the first floor garden along the length of the entire level thus creating a beautiful green barrier that invites you to look up and search for even more fascinating design details.

This architectural project is dedicated to the grandeur of its surroundings. This is why Guz Architects have orientated the building towards its views. The trick is that the best view of all is at its interior where the water garden is. The home is a stunning micro-climate that impresses its guests with a panorama of tropical gardens that start from the first level and rise until the roof top where there is also a lush green garden.

The technological innovation of this home is represented by the fact that solar water heaters and Photovoltaic cells are combined with the modern design to ensure cross ventilation and passive cooling, which are supposed to reduce energy consumption. The rainwater is collected and recycled by using roof gardens and irrigation tanks. Plus, the use of artificial timber and recycled teak adds warmth.

No doubt about this, the Cluny House was meant as a high tech home that amazes with its security systems, photovoltaic cells and art EIB systems, but these are elegantly integrated into the design of the building and function in close connection with the natural environment.

The Cluny House is a very unique and stunning house that fascinates with its lushly planted roof gardens, the inspired integration of technology and the energy saving solutions.  It is a concept home based on the belief that nature should be present in every part of a house.



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