The Meera House by Guz Architects

The Meera Sky Garden House is one of the most interesting and modern architectural projects signed by Guz Architects. The building is located in Singapore, on the island of Sentosa and it fascinates with its contemporary design. This looks rather like a green oasis than like a house due to its completely grass covered roof and terraces. Besides this spectacular detail, the house features also an amazing staircase, a view of the water and a gorgeous swimming pool separated by glass.


The real challenge with building this house was the location. The plots here are not large and the houses were constructed very close to the neighbor houses. The architects considered that their best option was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to create as much privacy as possible. This decision was combined with the very creative idea of designing a central light and stair well meant to funnel the sea breeze through the center of the house.

By creating terraces and roofs covered in grass the architects provided a green garden for each floor giving the impression that every level is an individual house with its own yard. This visual access to greenery accentuates the idyllic feeling of the building.


Sky Garden House was designed to have a large empty space in the middle and very transparent areas to optimize ventilation and reduce the need of using mechanical air conditioning. Guz Architects have considered every small aspect when creating this architectural masterpiece. Most rooms have large shaded areas of glazing which help save on artificial lightning and maximize the use of natural light. The green garden located on each level offers a cool shade that balances Singapore’s tropical climate.


The concept of Sky Garden was influenced by the desire of improving the quality of life for the owners. The roof top fascinates thanks to its carpet grass nature which contributes to the cooling of the residence. This and the numerous green grass terraces create a beautiful green oasis where you can relax even if you are surrounded by numerous other buildings.

Other unique features of this luxury residence are the large modern pool with a glass wall that faces to the inside of the house, the indoor pound, the amazing overlapping stairs and the transparency created by using large glass surfaces.


Considering the uniqueness of the design, the numerous modern functionalities of the house and the comfort it offers to its owners, the Meera House by Guz Architects is a real marvel on the world of architecture. This inspiring home manages to bring a fresh definition to the what we like to call a city house.

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